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[APD] Re: Lobelia, dwarf Lobelia, or what? PLant ID (pic)

Tony wrote:
> Last September, I got some "dwarf lobelia" from Aquabotanic.
> I am now growing some emersed and now I am confused.
> This is growing larger than dwarf lobelia, but doesn't look at all like
> the normal emersed lobelia that I can find pictured on the web.
> Any ideas?
> http://webfiles.uci.edu/algomez/plants/lobelia.jpg

Hey Tony,

Nice looking plants.  I'm certainly no expert, but it looks like the 
dwarf form of Lobelia cardinalis to me.  A scale reference in the pic 
would help me better compare, but I have some dwarf Lobelia growing 
emersed as well, and the only real difference I see between your 
plants and mine is that your plants' leaves appear a tad more 
elongated, and it looks like they get sunlight or a lot of high 
quality artificial light instead of the measly NO fluorescent mine 
get. (Nothing grows plants like good ol' Sol.)  Also, IME, Lobelia 
responds well to rich, humousy (is that a word?) soil, so that may be 
contributing to the size difference you're seeing depending on how 
you set your culture up.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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