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[APD] Back from the Mato Grosso in Brazil and Florida

A friend of mind just got back from a 2 week vacation in the Mato Grosso in
Brazil where she went to many spring fed river systems. She studies
Amazonian fish. Looking at all the pictures and places she went, it does
look precisely like many of the Florida springs. With one difference: the
fish. But she said it was no different as far as the plant growth and
habitat, the springs were about the same temp, with lots of plants, clear,
hardwater etc. 
I could only tell it was not Florida because of the fish, but otherwise it
looked the same. I saw one red plant I did not know what it was, but pretty
common plants otherwise.

Plant fest is in a few days, come see what it's like in Brazil, some places
even have tiger plecos crawling around here in FL.
I've seen a few. Hopefully on Sunday we will see some. 

Tom Barr

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