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[APD] cloudy water problem

I have a problem with my water column. The water is a cloudy white. It does not have any of the characteristics of an algae bloom. But I could be wrong..

The aquarium is fairly new and has been set up for 1 month. The first three weeks I added the plants that included watersprites, hygro sp., Crypts, Lilaeopsis, Anubius, Ludwigia repens and Bacopa monnieri. The 4 week I added some invertebrates: trumpet snails and 10 amano shrimp.

Things were going well and the water was crystal clear. Then one day the fluval was not working. I fixed the problem and during the priming of the canister some 'white stuff' that was located in the tubing got into the aquarium. And ever since that time the water column has become cloudy and the water has an earthy smell to it.

After doing some research on the web and some suggest this is a bacterial bloom or part of the "aquarium cycling ". But I am not sure.

My question is what is going on in the water column? All my parameters look correct!!
Also what can I do about it?

Here is some additional information about the aquarium. substrate: sand + ecocomplete Co2 dosing: 20 bubbles per min pH: between 6.8-7.0 Kh: 5 degress nitrates: 0 ppm phosphates: 0 ppm ammonia:0 ppm nitrites: 0 ppm

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