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[APD] Black brush algae

James Hogan asked about battling BBA without utilizing livestock.   

Since SAE's aren't an option, I'd  recommend either  CO2 injection or
Seachem Excel. 

James, I had a horrible infestation of BBA (Black Brush Algae) in my
daughter's low-tech 10 gallon.   I didn't want to use SAE's and CO2 was not
an option.  To eradicate what was there,  I bleached everything and started
adding Seachem Excel to the tank.  I add 3 mL with weekly 2.5 gallon water
changes and then 1.5 mL each day when I feed the fish.  It has been almost a
year and there are no traces of BBA in this tank.  

My high-tech tank utilizes CO2 canister injection and that works quite
nicely too.

It helps if you manually  remove as much algae as possible and continue to
remove it until your method of choice has a chance to get going.  You might
want to replace items or bleach them outside the tank if they are really
covered, remove heavily infested leaves and scrape the glass well before a
big water change.  This wouldn't force you to break the tank down.   Excel
is an awesome product and works beautifully at keeping BBA out of a tank.
CO2 also works quite well.

Good luck.


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