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[APD] RE: Potamogeton

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> Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 18:18:55 -0400
> From: "Joshua L Wiegert" <jlw at dune_net>
> Subject: [APD] Potamogetons
> To: <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> Does anyone know a very easy to use key to Potamogetons?

> JW

It's one of the more difficult groups to identify and the gene flow has
produced many hybrids, lots of arguements exist within botantical folks
over what is a species in this genus. They say about 100 species. A few
years back, they said about 40-50.

There are few keys, eg Jepson manual in CA and local regions where you are
looking. I think you might have some trouble definity finding a key that
has all of the differences between the species. I would use the DNA, that
is what Justin and Ed are doing with the Texan Pondweed. It's in danger of
hybrizing with other species in the genus and losing the genetic integrity.

Red flags go up when trying to ID these. Be careful. Not an easy task or
some thing the neophyte will be able to do well.

Tom Barr

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