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[APD] Re: life after glossostigma

I don't have much experience with this plant as I've only had it for a
little while now, but in general it doesn't look like it's as fast of a
grower as glosso, at least not in my tanks. Therefore it's likely you will
see less uptake. You're probably fine keeping the same levels of nutrients
that were working for the glosso however you may find that you'll need to
dose less to maintain such levels. Let your test kits confirm this though,
that's probably the easiest way to know for sure. I'd probably start with
half the tank at most and keep the other half with glosso until you have
enough HC to start moving to the other half, that of course unless you have
a source for a lot of HC that you can plant heavily. Iron levels seem very
important to me, gets yellow easily if they drop too much.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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I've decided that i'm gonna get rid of my glosso carpet (it grows too
fast, too much maintanence) and replace it with Hemianthus
callitrichoides ''Cuba''.

Right now my nitrate is at 15 ppm for the nitrate hungry glosso...
will i have to dose less when i get rid of the glosso? Also, since the
glosso is such a fast growing plant, i guess it was a major consumer
of my ferts, so will i have to dose less for everything?



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