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Re: [APD] Aquascaping tools -- or - Picking Tools Grabbing the Right Stuff

You won't need much more than one or two pairs of long
tweezers forceps and some scissors. I find the best place
to hunt for long forceps or hemostats is the snake websites
(they're used for feeding -- search for "hemostats" or

For example:





The scissors you can find on-line at diff places. A comlete
kit tht will suit most purposes, unless you have very large


Shop for price. On the hemostats, some are locking, which
you might like, or you can cut off the lock-ratchets with a
simple hacksaw.

Good luck, goo fun,
Scott H.
--- Benjamin Hong <bkhong at rogers_com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Could anyone tell me about aquascaping tools, where to
> find them (I"m in a
> small town, and the store doesn't have them), what to
> look for, and what a
> decent price is?
> Thanks!
> Ben Hong
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