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FW: [APD] More fish die off

 Normally, in a well planted tank, changing 5 gallons of water 
 would not really matter.  Chlorine would be diluted to the 
 extent that it would evaporate before the fish even noticed 
 :)  This is of course just my opinion and others are likely 
 to differ.   I do this level of water change all the time 
 without worrying much about it.   
 I'd pretty much say the same about water temp.  As long as it 
 reasonably close to tank temp I'd not worry about it (say 
 within 20 deg F) If you put your paw into the tank and into a 
 bucket of replacement water and you can really feel the 
 change it is probably not good for the fishies.
 Personally, I think your water company has introduced 
 chloramine into the tap water.  This is very not good for 
 fish and Chloramines do not naturally decay like chlorine.   
 If they have (give them a call and ask), you will need to add 
 a water conditioner such as Seachem Prime or equivalent.
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> Subject: [APD] More fish die off
> Rachel,
> Not dumb question.. but maybe dumb fishkeeper!
> No.. when I poured the water in.. I realized it was colder... 
> and did not add any conditioners...I perhaps mistakenly 
> thought that since I was only doing 5 gallons in a 45 gallon 
> tank that it wouldn't matter.
> Perhaps it did matter!
> Thanks for asking.
> John
> At 04:24 PM 6/16/2004 -0700, you wrote:
> >Sorry to ask dumb questions, but I assume you are either aging the 
> >water or adding a chlorine/chloramine remover? And matching temps?
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> >Subject: [APD] More fish die off
> >
> >Ok... I have to find out what is making my fish are dieing off...
> >
> >DYI Co2 injected through power head... Moderately planted.
> >
> >Parameters:
> >Ammonia 0
> >Nitrite      0
> >Ph          7.8
> >GHZ         5
> >KHZ         5
> >Co2        5
> >Test kits
> >Aquarium Pharmaceuticals for Ammonia, Nitrite, GHZ. PH Red 
> Sea for CO2 
> >and KHZ
> >
> >I changed 5 gallons of water yesterday out of a 45 gallon 
> tank. Result? 
> >Cardinals all die... one pair of rainbow fish still alive 
> and trying to 
> >spawn... and one Dwarf georama building a bubble nest by 
> himself... poor fella.
> >
> >What is happening?
> >
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