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>No.. when I poured the water in.. I realized it was colder... and did not
add >any conditioners...I perhaps mistakenly thought that since I was
only doing 5 >gallons in a 45 gallon tank that it wouldn't matter.
>Perhaps it did matter!
>Thanks for asking.

Temperature difference probably wasn't the cause, unless your water was a
*lot* colder or hotter than the water in the tank. Even a 10 degree
difference on a relatively small water change like that shouldn't cause a
problem. I would be more concerned if you were doing 50% or so changes.

Most likely there is something in the change water, I would suspect
chloramines or higher than usual levels of chlorine or possible some
contaminant (maybe from your bucket/hose/etc.?). Make sure you are using a
water conditioner that REALLY DOES work with chloramine. There was a
lengthy-ish discussion of this in the list recently so you should be able
to find lots of info in the archives.


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