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RE: [APD] has anyone else noticed a bunch of viruses?

Yes I've noticed the same thing. Someone on the list is infected,
unfortunately it's not the people that show up in the "From" field, the only
way I've been able to find the source of such viruses to date is to list all
the addresses we come accross in the "From" field of these emails, the
person who has all these addresses in their address book is likely to be the
person infected. Sometimes we are lucky to find a "From" address that is
easy to spot, such as family member with the same last name, then it becomes
easy. For example if you get a virus that says it's coming from another
"Podio", then it's probably being pulled from my address book and I am
likely the one infected. These viruses use your address book to populate
both the From and To filed of the emails sent, the virus uses it's own SMTP
server to send itself so it's impossible to trace it back in most cases by
looking at the message source. Besides your antivirus, also make sure you
are up to date with service packs and other critical windows updates as many
of these viruses exploit known windows flaws that can bypass or even kill
the antivirus process.

Giancarlo Podio

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