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[APD] chloramine and ick meds, plants

Hello aquatic plant enthusiasts:

My water service recently began adding chloramine to our water. I use AmQuel to treat water for regular maintenance changes. But I am about to add new fish, and my routine (having learned from past disasters) is to quarantine new fish in a separate tank with Rid-Ich for 7 to 10 days before adding to the main tank. AmQuel removes or inactivates malachite green, the active ingredient. So I need a new routine.

Should I use Copper Safe in my quarantine tank? What other suggestions do you have? Obtaining RO water would be difficult. Although I've had very little problem with disease over the many years of maintaining fish, I do need to be prepared to treat ick and other diseases when they are first noticed. It seems that chloramine and AmQuel make this more difficult.

I keep plants in my regular aquarium as well. Does chloramine affect them negatively? I have found nothing on this subject at all.

My outdoor pond, with cheap "feeder" goldfish and water lilies, loses considerable water due to evaporation and probably a leak somewhere in the system. Do I really need to treat all the water I need to replenish it each month, or does chloramine react with organics and bacteria in the pond setting?

Thanks for all info (including good links if this has been discussed before).


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