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Re: [APD] Custom Sea Life may be coming backs as CurrentsUSA ?

Yes, Basically, Champion is going to cover you if you buy
it from them. That's more than other shops that are now
dumping inventory. Or so it seems to me.

Scott H.
--- Michael Skidmore <mskidmore at alamedanet_net> wrote:
> I think CSL's product lines may be coming back soon under
> a new name 
> and ownership. Wonder if the warranties for our UV
> sterilizers and 
> smartlite retro kits may be good again? I couldn't find
> their
> >Thre are still a lot of Custom Sea Life UV units out
> there.
> >A lot of stores seem to have been loaded with inventory
> >when CSL turned off the lights, "disconnected" the
> phone,
> >closed up shop, and ignored any warranties.
> I got this on 5/18/04 when looking for a Smartlite retro
> kit:
> Hi,
> Thank you for your response.  CurrentsUSA has taken over
> the CSL line 
> of products and we will have their stuff up on our Web
> site hopefully 
> by the end of the week.  But any items that have the CSL
> name on them 
> will only have the 30 day warranty.   
> Sincerely,
> Keith M.
> Marine Depot Customer Service
> Found this while looking for CurrentsUSA Web site (which
> I haven't found yet)
> Effective immediately, Custom Sea Life (CSL) is going out
> of 
> business. They are closing their doors, not because of
> bankruptcy or 
> business problems, but due to a personal decision made by
> the owner.
> Through an arrangement with CSL, Champion Lighting will
> honor all CSL 
> warranties on items that were purchased by Champion's
> wholesale, 
> service, public aquarium and retail customers. This
> warranty will 
> apply to all CSL products purchased from Champion in the
> past and for 
> all current inventory, including refurbished items.
> Warranties on CSL 
> products purchased elsewhere cannot be honored by
> Champion.
> As always, Champion will continue to inventory
> replacement parts for 
> virtually all CSL products. This includes CSL PC
> ballasts, metal 
> halide ballasts, fans, sockets, UV's, chillers, and lamps
> for both 
> the Power Compact and Metal Halide fixtures.
> We will continue to distribute and warrantee Velocity
> pumps.
> In the near future we will also be carrying replacement
> product lines 
> for the PC Moon-Lite, Smart Lite, Power Compact line,
> Power Coolers, 
> and UV sterilizers under the "Currents USA" brand name.
> We will 
> continue to carry comparable metal halide hoods, retrofit
> kits, 
> ballasts, etc.
> Be assured that your Custom Sea Life fixtures, hoods,
> ballasts, 
> chillers, etc. are not orphans. Customers that have
> purchased or are 
> planning to purchase CSL products will be accommodated by
> Champion 
> Lighting in every way. Feel free to contact us with parts
> needs or 
> any concerns with CSL products.
> Champion Lighting and Supply Co.
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> Michael O. Skidmore 		 
> Alameda CA
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