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[APD] Custom Sea Life may be coming backs as CurrentsUSA ?

I think CSL's product lines may be coming back soon under a new name and ownership. Wonder if the warranties for our UV sterilizers and smartlite retro kits may be good again? I couldn't find their

Thre are still a lot of Custom Sea Life UV units out there.
A lot of stores seem to have been loaded with inventory
when CSL turned off the lights, "disconnected" the phone,
closed up shop, and ignored any warranties.

I got this on 5/18/04 when looking for a Smartlite retro kit: Hi,

Thank you for your response. CurrentsUSA has taken over the CSL line of products and we will have their stuff up on our Web site hopefully by the end of the week. But any items that have the CSL name on them will only have the 30 day warranty.


Keith M.
Marine Depot Customer Service

Found this while looking for CurrentsUSA Web site (which I haven't found yet)


Effective immediately, Custom Sea Life (CSL) is going out of business. They are closing their doors, not because of bankruptcy or business problems, but due to a personal decision made by the owner.

Through an arrangement with CSL, Champion Lighting will honor all CSL warranties on items that were purchased by Champion's wholesale, service, public aquarium and retail customers. This warranty will apply to all CSL products purchased from Champion in the past and for all current inventory, including refurbished items. Warranties on CSL products purchased elsewhere cannot be honored by Champion.

As always, Champion will continue to inventory replacement parts for virtually all CSL products. This includes CSL PC ballasts, metal halide ballasts, fans, sockets, UV's, chillers, and lamps for both the Power Compact and Metal Halide fixtures.

We will continue to distribute and warrantee Velocity pumps.

In the near future we will also be carrying replacement product lines for the PC Moon-Lite, Smart Lite, Power Compact line, Power Coolers, and UV sterilizers under the "Currents USA" brand name. We will continue to carry comparable metal halide hoods, retrofit kits, ballasts, etc.

Be assured that your Custom Sea Life fixtures, hoods, ballasts, chillers, etc. are not orphans. Customers that have purchased or are planning to purchase CSL products will be accommodated by Champion Lighting in every way. Feel free to contact us with parts needs or any concerns with CSL products.

Champion Lighting and Supply Co.

Michael O. Skidmore Alameda CA
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