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[APD] Re: super glue -- or --Sticking to the facts

Scott Hieber wrote:

"most forms of super glue aren't considered toxic to humans -- hence
some forms are approved for use as a "suture" material.

Scott, do you just look for one that says "non-toxic" or is it more
involved than that?

Ricky Cain

AFAIK cyanoacrylates in general are not toxic.

The ones made for medical use have a longer carbon chain on them, yielding a more flexible bandage. Plus, they are made to be sterile, and they have a dye in them. For example I think that Johnson & Johnson Liquid Bandage has an 8-carbon chain on the cyanoacrylate, and it is very flexible and comfortable. There is a similar product for vet use called VetBond. There is even a cyanoacrylate made for internal surgical sutures.

Regular superglue on the other hand is a methyl cyanoacylate, I think, which is 1 carbon, and it's crusty and rigid when it dries.

However, whenever I get a cut I still use plain old superglue on it and it works great. I have heard anecdotal evidence about doctors doing the same thing at home too. Note that you don't put the glue IN the cut, you use it to keep the edges sealed together by putting it over the top.

I came in late here, sorry if I got off topic.

- matt

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