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[APD] BGA and Floating Plants

Recently I have set up to 20 gallon, low light tanks (less than 2 wpg).  I
have some Brazilian Pennywort and Duckweed floating in the one tank to
subdue the lighting, making my glowlights look great.

However, in both tanks, I have a spreading case of BGA.  Mostly, it clumps
up in the duckweed and pennywort.  It also, however, is starting to
completely carpet my silica substrate (even in the second tank).

Everything I've read about BGA says its either "poor water quality" or no
circulation.  If the definition of poor water quality is measurable amounts
of ammonia, nitrite or nitrate, then neither of these tanks qualify.  They
are all at 0, with the plants getting only what they need from weekly water
changes. (plants being crypts, java fern, java moss, and said duckweed and

As far as circulation goes, both of these tanks have a Penguin 170 on them.
I would think for planted tanks, this would be adequate flow.

However, the surface of the water is quite still, obviously with the
floating plants.

What do all you other plant floating folks do when BGA comes knocking.  Meds
are definitely not an option, as one of the tanks is a breeding tank for my
German Blue Rams.

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