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[APD] Re: adding Calcium Carbonate

maggie writes:
>I'd prefer to add it to the sump, so that there is plenty of water flow  
>to help the dissolving...

The garden stores sell a crushed CaCO3 product(I think it's  crushed 
limestone) that they treat acid soil with.  You can add  that to the sump and let it 
dissolve.  Hardness will be up in a couple  days.  If your water is acidic, it 
will happen quicker, buffer you up a  little pH-wise, and also release a 
little CO2 into the water at the same  time.  It should happen slowly enough, 
though, to dreate a sort of  automatic dosing for your plant consumption and water 
changes.  Play around  with how much you use.
My daughter set up a 6th-grade science project where we showed water  quality 
impact from plant material using peat in a box filter and from  rocky 
streambeds using this crushed CaCO3.  It impacted the pH and hardness  very quickly.  

Bob  Dixon
º º º º o 

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