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[APD] Black Worms and Substrate Health

Hello peoples,

I recently got it into my head that I should introduce a heap of black worms into my planted tank, in an effort to start a in-substrate colony.
My reasoning is as follows:
1) More biodiversity in substrate is usually a good thing, right? ;-) Seriously though, I thought that they may keep the substrate healthy by turning over nutrients, processing some of the mulm down further, etc...
2) Any excess worms would be forced to the surface and be eaten by my Corys.
3) My Corys would love me, be happier and healthier from a live food source, and be more interesting to watch as they hunt around for them (not that their spastic antics aren't enjoyable enough already)

Now my concerns:
1) Would the worms multiply too rapidly, and consume too much of the available oxygen?
2) Would they harm the roots of the plants?
3) Do they usually carry any diseases?
4) I have heard that black worms in plastic bowl cultures create a lot of slime quickly. I am concerned that there might be a large slime buildup within the substrate.
5) Would the black worms even survive in the substrate in 26C water?

Any thoughts?

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