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[APD] RE: CO2 off at night

The purpose of adding CO2 is?

Growing plants or maintaining pH?

As long as there is enough CO2 during the photoperoid, pH DOES not matter
near as I can tell. pH's 8 to 5 all work.
That should include 99.5% of all planted tanks using CO2.
So adding CO2 at night serves no purpose with respect to growing plants.
I'd also say it serves no purpose with respect to fish either in
maintaining a specific pH either. Many fish live in regions where there are
plants/algae and high daily fluctuations in pH. Some don't but I've not
seen any issues related to pH variation from not adding CO2 at night.

Adding it at night does not help unless your CO2 system is waning and needs
time to build back up over the night to increase CO2 levels.
Some like the simplicity of 24/7. Some like the 10 hours on of CO2 dosing
for the day peroid.
It's not difficult to add a powerhead driven system and plug the powerhead
into the same light timer. That way the CO2 is on when the lights are.
If you use a solenoid set up, you can save 1/2 or more of your CO2.  

I've found over the years I prefer adding it when it's needed only. We have
not heard Amano's reasoning for it, but he does the same. 
Perhaps someone else can find a good reason, I cannot think of any right
now. None in terms of plant growth anyhow. 
I can say I can add a very high amount when photosynthesis is occuring and
then not worry if I have high levels since it's only for less than 1/2 the
entire day cycle. 
Both methods work as long as there's enough during the light cycle. I just
personally find it easier to crank it in there and shut it off at night.
Seems safer also. At least there's some down time to off gas if the bubble
rate ever increased or you did not set it right etc. 

Tom Barr

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