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[APD] transporting CO2 cylinders

For those with small cars & nervous about transporting cylinders:
wherever you buy your CO2 will always deliver it for a modest fee.
That's because they have to have the proper trucks to deliver stuff like
acetylene, oxygen, propane and CO2 to auto body shops, hospitals and
other consumers of liquid or compressed gases. They even have
regulations about where they can drive! They cannot take CO2 through a
long tunnel for instance for fear that a cylinder would leak and
asphyxiate motorists in the tunnel.

The best advice I can give you is to have something extremely heavy
along to set beside the cylinder in the trunk of your car so that it
can't roll around. Towels or a blanket also help to secure it in place
because you can use the weight of the cylinder to hold the towel in
place. The heavy cylinder can push other objects around but it can't
push a wadded up towel; there's too much friction and the towel deforms
when pushed against. The same trick works for your BBQ propane bottle!

Always drive with your driver window fully down & preferably one or two
others as well. CO2 isn't poisonous however it kills you by displacing
all the other air around you so you don't have oxygen. If it did dump,
you would have time to stop the vehicle and open your window/door to get
fresh air. It would be like holding your breath. Perhaps the worst
concern would be the interior of the vehicle filling with a cloud of
condensation making it impossible for you to see where you were going.
Open windows might help prevent that too. Has anybody seen a CO2 dump
that can relate the experience?


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