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[APD] RE: Mulm

If you want to reduce mulm, reduce the amount of wood and use more fast
growing plants and trim often, do large water changes, reduce fish loads
etc. Generally, weekly light vacuuming does the trick for most issues. Flow
patterns can also help, "fluffing" any low flow regions and the plants
themselves, good pruning an gardening methods and consistency will also go
a very long way. Run a polishing micron filter etc also after a water

The sludge removers etc are all enzymes or bacteria that break the mulm
down, but it does not "remove it". It just breaks it down further. Most
tanks have enough of these bacteria to do it. Many people want a balanced
tank they do not have to add so much stuff to.
Generally the simpler it is, the better. 

Plants decay and drop leaves which will turn into mulm. If you have fast
growing plants, the leaves often don't have time tio drop off etc, if you
trim well, then the leaves also don't have time to drop off and you remove
the lower portions before they have a chance to decay or rot. 

They have made sludge removers for many years, you are welcomed to try it
out. I don't think you will find it of much use though.
I never did. 
Tom Barr 

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