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[APD] Re: BZT Aqua 4-U

In a message dated 6/10/2004 12:03:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
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> Leroy asked about BZT Aqua 4-U. It does sound interesting, and maybe it 
> even
> works, but for me their description has a lot of the same problems as
> Algone. That is, the description of what it does just doesn't make sense to
> me.
> Let's look at some excerpts from a page from the manufacturer's website:
> http://www.bio-formllc.com/aq4u-explained.html
> "BZT Aqua 4-U is a living system of microbial strains and enzymes."
> OK, I understand that part.
> "It will colonize the tank / pond, multiplying by a factor of up to 1,000
> times within a few hours..."
> So we're clearly talking about microbes with a fast metabolism.
> "BZT Aqua 4-U improves water quality by eliminating the elements that
> consume oxygen..."
> What do these living microbes use for metabolism? The site says they work
> "in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions." If they're using anaerobic
> metabolism even in aerobic conditions, it seems unlikely they could
> outcompete aerobic bacteria. If they're using aerobic metabolism, they'd be
> consuming oxygen too.
> "BZT Aqua 4-U breaks down organic pollutants and allows fish to be under
> less stress from the N-containing substances..."
> A lot of organic "N-containing substances" aren't that stressful to the fish
> (e.g. amino acids). On the other hand, the common inorganic nitrogenous
> compounds (ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate) all have proven toxicity.
> I'm not saying it doesn't work. I'm not saying it isn't beneficial. I'm just
> saying that I can't figure out what could possibly be in it that would make
> these claims true. If they had simply said that it has aggressive bacteria
> that more rapidly break down organic materials, I'd find it a lot more
> credible.
> - Jim Seidman

Yes, I'm curious as to whether or not it's really effective also.  However, 
Robin Rhudy on Fishpondinfo.com said that she uses it and that it works.  I 
asked her for advice on how to remove fish mulm that accumulates over the 
long-term on the top of the substrate besides regularly gravel vacuuming it, and she 
said that if you add this every couple of weeks, it turns the fish mulm into a 
fine powder that can be easily vacuumed up, and that the fish don't seem to 
mind the regular addition of the BZT at all.  And apparently a lot of ponders 
have heard of it and use it also.  Anyone have any firsthand experiences with 

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