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[APD] BZT Aqua 4-U

Leroy asked about BZT Aqua 4-U. It does sound interesting, and maybe it even
works, but for me their description has a lot of the same problems as
Algone. That is, the description of what it does just doesn't make sense to

Let's look at some excerpts from a page from the manufacturer's website:

"BZT Aqua 4-U is a living system of microbial strains and enzymes."
OK, I understand that part.

"It will colonize the tank / pond, multiplying by a factor of up to 1,000
times within a few hours..."
So we're clearly talking about microbes with a fast metabolism.

"BZT Aqua 4-U improves water quality by eliminating the elements that
consume oxygen..."
What do these living microbes use for metabolism? The site says they work
"in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions." If they're using anaerobic
metabolism even in aerobic conditions, it seems unlikely they could
outcompete aerobic bacteria. If they're using aerobic metabolism, they'd be
consuming oxygen too.

"BZT Aqua 4-U breaks down organic pollutants and allows fish to be under
less stress from the N-containing substances..."
A lot of organic "N-containing substances" aren't that stressful to the fish
(e.g. amino acids). On the other hand, the common inorganic nitrogenous
compounds (ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate) all have proven toxicity.

I'm not saying it doesn't work. I'm not saying it isn't beneficial. I'm just
saying that I can't figure out what could possibly be in it that would make
these claims true. If they had simply said that it has aggressive bacteria
that more rapidly break down organic materials, I'd find it a lot more

- Jim Seidman

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