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[APD] Re: transporting CO2 tanks?

Hi Michael,

Well, I can give you an example that is not third party. When I was much younger, we went to a metal shop to get a piece of metal bent for my brothers aquarium stand. An inert gas cylinder used for welding got knocked aside by a forklift, the valve broke off, and the tank went through a couple of cinder block walls before ending up inside a car in the parking lot. It was quite impressive!

Near our cylinder tank storage area at work, we kept a newspaper clipping of an accident where a cylinder fell and broke its valve off while it was in a bus service pit. It kept bouncing off the solid concrete walls as it whipped around inside the pit. Fortunately, the worker was able to jump out of the pit before he was hit.


That being said, despite the many urban folklore talks of cylinders
getting hit and the valve going through a cinderblock wall, I have
not personally witnessed that when tanks fell over, onto asphalt or
rolled out of the backs of cars. I did of course get out of the way.
I have asked many instructors, and shops if they have witnessed a
cylinder valve break and become a projectile and none have but they
all seem to know a third person story of one that did.
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