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Re: [APD] transporting CO2 cylinders -- or - Giving up gas

How can you give up the gas, Diane? ;-)

I think the thing to do is try to observe as much care as
you reasonably can -- lots of good tips today.

Goals to aim for:

Carry tank upright.
Position the blow-off plug away from people.
Carry outside of pax compartment if possible.
If you can't secure with straps, try towels, but keep the
tank from being able to move around.
Go straight home after the fill -- don't leave tank in
parked vehicle.

If you check out Home-Depot-type joints you'll find
tie-down straps (usally with convenient ratchets for
tightening) and if you poke around the car, you'll probably
find places to hook onto -- lots of metal under the seats
(not electrically controlled seats though) ;-)  A few wraps
around the tank and and hook the straps ends and you're
better off than nothing at all.

Best of all, if you get the tie-down strap, then next time
you by that extra large item at the local home-depot-type
joint, you won't be standing there in the parking lot with
nylon string trying to tie a knot that won't give way when
you get going down the road -- you'll have a nice tie-down
strap just like the pros.

In any event, the CO2 tank in the car is probably tons
safer for the driver and general public than those folks
that go toodllooing down the highway with a mattress tied
onto the roof with a hank of rope across the center. Okay,
that's not a helpful CO2 hint at all, but I thought I'd
throw it in there anyway.

I would write a letter to Toyota, though. What on earth did
they think would hold cargo in place? They no doubt 
imagined that the vehicle would carry cargo.

Only the most fanatical hobbyists buy trucks with racks for
compressed-gas tanks -- and probably few well-healed
reefers, too. ;-)

Scott H.
--- Diane Brown <debunix at well_com> wrote:
> So those of us with small sedans should give up on the
> gas entirely?
> There are no tie downs in my Toyota, and the only place
> that my large 
> tank, in particular, can be wedge--without rolling--is
> behind the front 
> seats.  I don't think a seatbelt can adequately secure
> it....although I 
> do have some heavy duty tie-down straps I obtained to use
> as band 
> clamps, and could strap it into the front passenger seat
> with a couple 
> of those.  But there's nothing to secure it to in the
> trunk.
> BTW, anyone know if oxygen is also a class 2 gas?  I
> doubt all those 
> folks with home O2 are following those guidelines.
> Diane Brown in St. Louis
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