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RE: [APD] green water and water changes

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I found large water changes did nothing for my green water.  It turns out, I
wasn't dosing enough traces.

I would dose my N and P at 5 to 1 ratios, but without the right amount of
traces, the plants couldn't use it.  And a high nitrate tank is a great
candidate for green water.

Also, I believe I read that large water changes are actually BENEFICIAL to
green water, as you are more than likely to introduce more spores into the

I, too, resorted to extreme filtering with a diatom filter.  But even after
I filtered the tank crystal clear, the green water would come back the
minute I began dosing N and P again.

Find the deficiency and deal with it.  As far as traces go, I have a medium
light tank (55 watt CF on a 25 gallon tank) and I dose almost 5ml a day of
traces.  Nary a bit of algae.  As long as you have a couple of decent algae
eaters, things like BBA and hair algae should never get a decent foot hold
(at least they don't in my tank with two SAE).

I fought with green water for almost 3 months.  Water changes and filtering
did nothing.  Fixing my nutrients did.

my green water problem appears to be solved and I do believe it is likely
caused by too much of some nutrient. In my case I stopped dosing everything
for 5 days , did large water changes and used the diatom and it cleared up
and has not returned. I am back dosing smaller amounts of nitrate , PMDD and
some extra traces.


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