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Re: [APD] transporting CO2 tanks?

Can't confirm about the seals -- although the temp
shouldn't be low enough to hurt them permanently. 

However, if you leave the thing laying down unsecured, it's
more likely to roll around and bust the valve.

Also, if the emergency blow off blows for any reason and
the tank is on its side, you'll get liquid CO2 being pushed
out and rapidly vaporizing, ice forming at and blowing off
the hole . . .not a preferred situation.

Scott H.
--- Steven Pituch <spituch at ev1_net> wrote:
> Has anyone thought about why the professionals transport
> gas bottles
> vertically?  Also I was told once that if you have just
> had a tank refilled
> you need to transport it vertically.  Mine forms ice on
> the outside while I
> am putting it into the truck.  I snug it against the rear
> seat and the front
> passenger seat so it stays vertical.  I think the same
> guy said that if the
> cold liquid co2 contacted the seals in the valve that it
> could cause them to
> go brittle or stick.
> I don't want to spread any misinformation.  Can anyone
> confirm or repudiate
> this?  Mine is a 20# tank.

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