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RE:[APD] Variation on green water -- little green threads

I fought this stuff several years ago. It is blue green algae. The filaments will catch on the tips of objects and grow there in tufts that turn into mats. Disturbing the BGA mats released the filaments.

In my case I had no phosphate. Added phosphate, kept the CO2 high and manually removed the mats with an airline tube as a siphon - daily. I ended up using tweezers to pull mats from the gravel as well. The stuff that grew between the gravel and the glass I would push down with a credit card. Covering that area to keep the light out didn't work real well as light still gets in. My algae grew in areas of low water flow, probably just settled out there so I added water motion at those spots, still doing manual removal. Some plants reaching the water surface were also colonized so I removed those plants.

You are getting algae plagues in a different order from my experience. First I had BGA bad then the green water. I dosed with nitrate very slowly to treat the green water, great fun watching the water clear over 3-4 days. Plants didn't like the BGA probably due to the nutrient limitation and all the siphoning I was doing but green water was fine with them, they grew well and green spot algae vanished.

This was several years ago, the epic battle was in my journal but I've lost that. I may have blacked out the tank as well for four days.


-----------original message-----------------

I'm still fighting the green water fight, but over the last couple of days I've noticed something that I didn't see before. When I look very closely at the water, I see that there are short strands of green algae floating in it everywhere. I would say one cc of aquarium water probably has 10-20 strands in it. They appear to be maybe 1/4" long, straight, and very thin. They go right through the wet/dry without being caught. My Diatom XL catches it, and now the filter turns a slightly bluish green color, rather than the brownish color it was before.

I'm seriously considering getting either a UV sterilizer, or an
2260 canister filter to supplement (or even replace) my wet/dry.
I don't
really have any way to put a finer filter medium into the
wet/dry to
catch all this stuff, and I'm getting tired of changing out the
every day.

I've searched the archives, but I can't find a reference to this
kind of
algae. I assume this is all still related to my general
problem, which I have yet to nail down. At least the BGA
outbreak seems
to be waning...


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