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[APD] Variation on green water -- little green threads

I'm still fighting the green water fight, but over the last couple of
days I've noticed something that I didn't see before. When I look very
closely at the water, I see that there are short strands of green algae
floating in it everywhere. I would say one cc of aquarium water probably
has 10-20 strands in it. They appear to be maybe 1/4" long, straight,
and very thin. They go right through the wet/dry without being caught.
My Diatom XL catches it, and now the filter turns a slightly bluish
green color, rather than the brownish color it was before. 

I'm seriously considering getting either a UV sterilizer, or an Eheim
2260 canister filter to supplement (or even replace) my wet/dry. I don't
really have any way to put a finer filter medium into the wet/dry to
catch all this stuff, and I'm getting tired of changing out the Diatom
every day. 

I've searched the archives, but I can't find a reference to this kind of
algae. I assume this is all still related to my general imbalance
problem, which I have yet to nail down. At least the BGA outbreak seems
to be waning...


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