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[APD] Hydor

I found these at the last Bradley Caldwell trade show.  Bought 1 for
home and 2 for work.  Picked up a lot of their stuff for sale.  Like
David said, much easier than Rainbow plus it's cheaper.  I got lucky and
paid $28 for mine.  The 300 watters keep the 240 gallon systems right
where I set them and the 200 keeps my 46 gallon at 80*.  They can't
overheat, don't need to be unplugged and there's no heater in my tank.
The max temp when exposed to air is 130*.  Their glass heaters are great
too. Using a heat pad, like the inline, instead of metal coils and the
shatterproof glass are nice safety features.  Just had a customer
yesterday who went to put on a heater protector in her fish tank and
forgot to unplug it, POP.  Came back, paid $30 for the new submersible
Hydor and the temps stays where she set it.  What I also like about the
inline heater is that I no longer have hot spots in the tank, the
returning water is warm and the whole tank is at 80*.  Wish I would have
bought them for all my home tanks at the show.  I can still get them
wholesale, but I got an extra 40% off then.  Of course I wasn't sure
about them at the time.  Oh well.

"Damaged and I like it.  It made me what I am!"

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