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Re: [APD] BGA outbreak and Green Water -- or - Penetrating

He he. I, for one am not worried.  I have a several UV
lights. But it's still one of the more expensive ways to
deal with GW and genearlly, an unnecessary one.

And, of course, not everyone has high tech CO2 systems --
some have a soda bottle, sugar and yeast.

And some are less well healed, and some a bit more
rational, than others.

A $100 here and $100 there and soon it adds up to real
money, even if not enough to impress Everett Dirkson ;-)

Scott H.
--- xicotenco <xicotenco at yahoo_com> wrote:
> I?m surprise and amuse  that you guy with High tech CO2
> injection and upgrade light fixture and daily dose of
> fertilizers tanks  are worry about the price for a UV
> light that will cost less than a 100 USD. Operation cost
> is not a great deal too, but you can always set a timer
> and get as much as UV light you need a day to remove GW
> problem. 
> Stay away from aquarium websites while you shop around
> for UV light and look in to water filtering systems
> companies. It will save a few dollars. 

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