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Re: [APD] RE: Sumps and CO2

I assume this is a drilled tank. Does the overflow tube
have intake vents top and bottom (tube in tube style,which
I think is AGA style) or just at the top? either way, the
water only exits the tank via the top of the inner
tube/overflow tube.

Can you not turn off the pump and when the water gets below
the overflow, then cork the overflow? Then remove the drain
tube and replace with a short capped drain tube, which must
be fixed securely enough to withstand the weight of the
water column. When that's in place you can probably remove
the overflow tube if you want. 

--- Chris Ferrell <ferrell_chris at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I had a 20 lb CO2 tank that lasted years on a 55 and a 20
> gallon tank (about
> a year of the 55 and a couple on the 20).  I switched up
> to a 75 gallon tank
> w/ AGA overflow and I've gone through 3 20 lb CO2 tanks
> in 9 months.  I'm
> thinking long and hard on how I can switch back over to a
> canister filter
> setup.  I've got a tight fitting lid for the sump (20 gal
> high) and it's
> still sucking down the CO2.
> Sure CO2 is cheap, but dropping $25 for each refill, 4x a
> year, plus the
> time it takes to go and get it refilled gets very old,
> very quick.  My tank
> has enough driftwood and plants in it that a wire from a
> dark blue co2 probe
> and black heater will go unnoticed for all reasonable
> purposes.  They will
> at least be LESS intrusive than the current overflow that
> takes up a 6"
> quarter circle out of the corner.
> So if anyone has any experience cutting out an overflow -
> in a tank that
> will be drained down, but still stocked and planted - let
> me know.  Yes, I'm
> THAT serious about switching back over to a canister. 
> All of the above is
> IMHO and YMMV.
> Chris, in Winston-Salem.
> www.aquacharlotte.com
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