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Re: [APD] Filling aquarium

This sounds like an excellent idea, since I am going to fill my tank with 30
bags of Flourite, and I get an headache just think about rinsing them.
However, I am worrying about if I would get excessive dust every time I
uproot, and ended up a dust storm on every major maintenance if I don't
rinse Flourite thoroughly before putting them in the tank. Any thought about

Kenneth Ho

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> --- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:
> > I don't like the idea of slowly filling a tank over a
> > long period of
> > time. I'm afraid it will overflow if not watched
> > carefully & I'm not
> > willing to expend an hour intently concentrating on a
> > filling tank. I
> > like to do it in about 10 minutes while I'm multi-tasking
> > some other
> > husbandry tasks.
> Karen's demo sold me 100% of the way to fill a tank without
> clouding the water. She was filling a tank into which she
> had just put fresh Flourite. Her method is in the archives,
> but basically it's lay the flourite in dry, put a layer of
> lightly rinsed flourite on top, then fill slowly. How many
> of us have filled f flourite tank with reallywell rinsed
> flourite on top fo the substrate onlyto get cloudy water?
> 90% of the success in is the fill rate. Fill a tank in ten
> minutes with Flourite in it and you'll have awfuoly cloudy
> water even after hours of rinsing. I suspect dirt tanks are
> equally problematic if not worse. Spend a few minutes
> rinsing just the top layer, take your time filling, and the
> water can be as clear to the eye as the sound of a
> well-tuned bell is to the ear.
> One doesn't have to *concentrate* on the filling the whole
> time (unless it's a really small tank ;-)  )  One need only
> pay enough attention to see when the tank is getting close
> to full, then a bit more attention is called for. Karen was
> giving a public presentation while the tank was filling,
> answering questions from the audience . . . meanwhile I as
> flashing a camera like crazy, which also must have been
> distracting.
> If you're absent-minded, filling a tank can be risky no
> matter how much you mean to concentrate. For those folks,
> one can get sensors that sound an alarm when the water gets
> up to a preset level. Also, for those of us that might be
> especially absent-minded and not even notice an alarm, it's
> not too hard to put a water level actuated shut off valve
> on the end of the hose to prevent overfilling -- but I
> never met a person for whom that is necessary.
> Scott H.
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