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[APD] RE: Sumps and CO2

I had a 20 lb CO2 tank that lasted years on a 55 and a 20 gallon tank (about
a year of the 55 and a couple on the 20).  I switched up to a 75 gallon tank
w/ AGA overflow and I've gone through 3 20 lb CO2 tanks in 9 months.  I'm
thinking long and hard on how I can switch back over to a canister filter
setup.  I've got a tight fitting lid for the sump (20 gal high) and it's
still sucking down the CO2.

Sure CO2 is cheap, but dropping $25 for each refill, 4x a year, plus the
time it takes to go and get it refilled gets very old, very quick.  My tank
has enough driftwood and plants in it that a wire from a dark blue co2 probe
and black heater will go unnoticed for all reasonable purposes.  They will
at least be LESS intrusive than the current overflow that takes up a 6"
quarter circle out of the corner.

So if anyone has any experience cutting out an overflow - in a tank that
will be drained down, but still stocked and planted - let me know.  Yes, I'm
THAT serious about switching back over to a canister.  All of the above is

Chris, in Winston-Salem.

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