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[APD] re: CO2 probe and in-line heater

This suggests that your set-ups before and now have about
the same efficiency using CO2. This could mean that the
sump set-up you have doesn't shed a lot of CO2 or that the
set-up you had before was moderately inefficient so that
changing to a sump didn't have much impact.

If you care to, try halving or doubling the water flow rate
and see what happens, then let us know. :-)

Also, do you track how long you go between CO2 refills?
That reveals a diff in CO2 use rates better than any other
measure, provide ambient temps (which can affect CO2 flow
rates) are relatively the same during comparison periods.

What's you CO2 level? Measured with a pH monitor or
chemical pH test kit?

Btw, unrealted question, what mechanical filtration
medium/media do you use?

Scott H.

--- Kenneth Ho <kennethhtp at singpao_com.hk> wrote:
> I have recently added a sump to my 200 gal tank which I
> also use pH
> controller to regulate CO2 injection. The frequency of
> the pH controller
> hasn't changed much, at least not that I can tell any
> difference. But then
> the flow is relatively small compare to a proper sump, it
> flows just about
> 400 gal/h.

I have a 52 gallon covered sump for my 240 gallon tank, and I use a lot more
CO2 than I would if I didn't, I believe. The tank is open top, and is
drilled. I have done what I can to calm the flow of water into the overflows
and into the sump. I also use a Dolphin 2100 Ampmaster return pump, which
probably flows 800 gallons/hr after taking into acount the 1 inch return
leading from the pump that tees to two 3/4" diameter return lines I use. I
also purposely have a good bit of surface agitation since I have halide
lighting and like the glimmer lines. So I know I have a lot of offgassing
from the entire setup.

I try to make up for it somewhat with twin Aqua-Medic 1000 reactors in the
sump, each powered by a Rio 1700 submersible pump.

I guess I burn thru a 20# CO2 tank every 5-6 months with the setup being
like this. I'm sure it would last a lot longer if the tank used canister
filtration vs a sump, was covered with glass tops, and had little or no
surface agitation.

My other three planted tanks use glass tops, cannister filtration, and have
little surface agitation, and their controllers come on a lot less often
than the one in the 240.

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