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[APD] RE: Ca

> Sorry, didn't see your last post Tom until I was
> checking if my other post had arrived.
> Anyway.
> Rising GH to 5 with CaCl2 sound like an
> interesting test.
> Problem is to find the PMDD-chemicals
> here in the Nordic countries now a days.
> Not to mention Seachem-stuff.
> I have Seachem Flourish which I substitute
> for TMG sometimes, and then the Ca-deficiencies
> get's less prominent. I guess it's because it
> has some Ca..
> // Daniel.

Well, it does not have to be specifically CaCl2. Ca(NO3)2 is another.
You should be able to get CaCl2, they sell if as swimming pool hardness
increaser, not a popular addition in the back yards of most Sweds?:-) "It's
is 4C, would you like a refreshing dip before breakfast?"

But CaCL2 is also sold at a few othe rplaces that use it for salting the
roads as a de-icer or as an air dryer to remove moisture form the air. 
CaSO4 is another. 

While 3Gh is often suggest as a lower level range, I think it does no harm
and may help many plants to add more Ca, especially if the other nutrients
are high and the light is high/CO2 etc.

15ppm might be okay at 1/5 w/gal but at 3-5w/gal, it might not be. 
I've had Ca levels over 400ppm so there is a very high upper range limit
which I do not know. Not many go above 400+ even with reef folks. 
But it sounds like you have narrowed it down then and can figure out a
source of CaCl2.
I have a big old tub I got for 8$. I can always send it to you. About 3kg
worth. Mg sources are easy to find. So you can rule out NO3, K, Ca, Mg,
CO2, light, Traces, PO4,  ...................well now you have covered all
your bases, so rather than guessing, you've re set everything and should
have good control and growth.

Many/most times you have to follow a path to figure out everything that it
is not.... to find what it is. 

Tom Barr


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