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Re: [APD] calcium ???

> Try adding KNO3 every other day, say 1/4 teaspoon per 80 liters and see
> these same plants respond after a week or better yet two.

This is my regimen since a long time ago now. I add 1 tsp KNO3 in 300 litres
every other day, a bit less the last month (like every third day). This
dose give me 11.44 ppm NO3 in 300 litres of water.
I also add 1-2 ppm of PO4 (2 tsp in 200 mls of water, 10-20 mls dose).

Growth is excellent (Ludwigia incliniata var verticillata "Cuba" grows
like 10-25 cm in a couple of days) but some plants get curly, like
the Hygrophila rosanervig.

Until I add CaCO3. Or do more frequent waterchanges.

GH of 3.5. Hagen Ca-test-kit tells me 15-20 ppm Ca (it's rather crude).
Should be plenty you and all the old-timers say, but it is not.

Plain gravel, snails and a lot of driftwood I guess mess up your
rules of thumb?

// Daniel.
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