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[APD] Cardinal tetra feeding in plant tank

Hi All,
I'm psyched... just received 50  large, wild caught,  1.5 inch cardinals
from a great buyer on aquabid for my 75G heavily plant tank.  After
transport, they have settled in nicely.. with only 3 losses so far.  They
seem to really love the shady areas of the tank..it is a thing of beauty to
see them schooling around the tank.
After 3 days, they aren't taking any flake yet or frozen (thawed HIkari)
adult brine shrimp.  Anyone have any suggestions on feeding... I'd rather
not go down the live food route, but will supplement with it if I need to...
Maybe there is a brand of flake or pellet that I should consider?  Right
now, I'm using the OSI brand flakes
They really highlight the plants well!
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