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Re: [APD] calcium ???

thank you for your replys on this...

I even have some very close macros (snails with 3 mm max) of my snails.
And they are transparent!
I guess this is confirmation of calcium problems!

My water company receives their's water from many sources, the water changes a little from time to time.
The other problem is they don't have recent detailed tests, and most of the time, it' s crap...

Even with bi-weekly water changes I didn't manage to improve anything, it did get better for 1 day, but...I have 300W MetalHalide HCI (even more light than HQI), so everything is in fast gear, 2 days after and the same problems arise...

I put some calcareous rock on my filter (it's allmoust pure calcareous), don't know if this will help a little...it was a big stone!
I will also drop the use of MgSO4.

Regards from Portugal!
António Vitor
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