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[APD] RE: calcium ???

I have GH of 3.5, big drift wood and many snails.
Some things that have helped me:

Adding more Ca *or* doing biweekly large
wc:s and stopped MgSO4 altogether.

50-75% wcs every week didn't help without
adding Ca.

My snails only shows up at night, crawling
around at the drift wood, hundreds of them.
Then they are easy targets for silicone-air-
tubing-siphoning 8)

Plants that shows Ca-deficiencies in my
tank are Althernantera, Ludwigia glandulosa,
Hygrophila polysperma "rosanervig"/"sunset",
Nesaea sp red. Even Ludwigia incliniata var
verticillata "Cuba" got funny looking "hooking"
leaves sometimes, as did Ludwigia arcuata.

// Daniel.
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