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[APD] RE: calcium ???

Antonio Vitor wrote:

> My plants showed calcium deficiency symptoms, then I gained
> courage, and dump 1 kilogram of beach sand...well distributed
> on my entire aquarium.
> :)
> Now I am decreasing my KNO3 and PO4 introductions, I guess lot
> of this macronutrients would increase the likelihood of
> other nutrients problems...
> what you think about my guess work?
> It's strange getting calcium problems with 4 GH...

I think if you were changing 20% of your water weekly or biweekly, you'd
probably get enough calcium with 4 GH however it would be helpful to
know the components of your water hardness. The water utility should be
able to provide an analysis, at least here in North America and probably
in many parts of Europe.

Its entirely possible that if you have added other nutrients, CO2, good
lighting & fast growing plants, that your calcium is being used up. Many
people with soft water add powdered calcium carbonate with water changes
or between water changes in smaller amounts. Snails consume lots of
calcium and peat can soak up a lot upon start-up. So can organic soil.

If you have classic Ca deficiency symptoms which go away with addition
of Ca while controlling other conditions constant, then that's prima
facie evidence that you had shortage of Ca. The only way to be more
certain, is to send a plant tissue sample for biological analysis.

Steve P in Vancouver

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