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[APD] Filling aquarium

Scott mentioned very slowly filling an aquarium in order to prevent
cloudiness. I offer the following additional suggestions:

If using soil, prepare a thick mud which you apply to the bottom of the
tank or into trays or pots. Let it dry firm before proceeding.

To avoid digging into the substrate, I like to lay my Python tube
sideways onto the bottom of the tank with the end inside a large tin
can. That diffuses the flow sufficiently. I need to support the hose so
it doesn't drag the rigid tube out by its weight. What do you want to
call that rigid 2" diameter pipe on the end of the Python?

I don't like the idea of slowly filling a tank over a long period of
time. I'm afraid it will overflow if not watched carefully & I'm not
willing to expend an hour intently concentrating on a filling tank. I
like to do it in about 10 minutes while I'm multi-tasking some other
husbandry tasks.

Steve P in Vancouver

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