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RE: [APD] RE: 265 gal

> Tom I thought 30ppm is max and 20ppm of CO2 more ideal?
> Chris G.

30ppm is ideal for PLANTS.
20ppm is fine for some low light tanks, the problem exist like this when
giving advice: folks error too low on their CO2 measurements 9x out of 10. 
The error in their pH measurement gives about a 5 ppm error in many cases.
15 or less is getting low, especially at high light.

15-20ppm might be alright for low light tanks, say 1.5w to 2w gal with
regular NO FL's. but if you consider the error bars of  5ppm, you can get
dangerously low.
 When you add more light, you place more CO2 demand on the plants.

The other issue is when the person takes the pH reading and what type of
test kit they use.
Almost all under estimate the readings.

You can tell by what's happening in their tank and the types of lagae they

That's what the EPA does to gauge stream pollution etc.

Tom Barr  

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