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[APD] Re: Vol 10, Issue 9 green water

I'm curious -- do you use well water or city water?  Do you use a declor?  I 
have well water (soft, comes out at 6.0 ph, 28% CO2 from the tap), and I was 
using declor "just in case" on my tanks.  Although it didn't affect my other 
tanks -- I did frequent water changes on my 10 gallon which held five new Ottos 
and a lot of plants.  I hadn't cycled it, so I was doing frequent water 
changes. I had terrible green water and I was doing water changes twice a day (4 
cups/one liter each time, sometimes more). One day, I stopped the declor -- and 
the green water started to fade almost immediately. Within two days, it was 
completely gone.  It has not come back (knocks on wood).

I can't even begin to explain why, but it is a suggestion if you use well 
water and declor. Some may say it was a coincidence, but I don't think so...
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