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RE: [APD] BGA outbreak and Green Water -- or - Penetrating UVC

Yep. We want to keep straight and diffierentiate  between
CustomSeaLife and Coralife.  I've used several UVs from
both and the Coralife is a much better design, imo, in a
number of key ways, but more expensive. Right now, stores
are trying to unload the CustomSeaLife inventory. If the
price diff is only $20, the go for the Coralife; it's a
well thought out design and worth the extra $20, imo, if
you've got the extra $20 to spend.

good luck, good funm,
Scott H.
--- Rick Engstrom <rick703 at mts_net> wrote:
> the units I am referring to appear to be marketed by
> Energy Savers Unlimited
> Inc. month advertisers in TFH. Their web site
> www.esuweb.com is up and
> running and the U.V units are listed under Coralife
> products however I will
> certainly check further before ordering one.

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