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[APD] Re: re: complete CO2 system

>>Regarding cylinder refills:
I swap all my tanks out locally and never bought a cylinder from the place.
They don't care where the tanks come from. I got all my 20# tanks from a guy
who sells to "keg in the basement" guys mostly.<<

You are lucky. Here in Salem, of the four gas suppliers, only one will
exchange Cylinders that are not their own, and none of them have five pound
cylinders.  When I lived in San Jose California I could not find any
supplier that would swap a cylinder that was not their own, two of these
companies were on the SAME street and they would not take each others
cylinders in a swap. None of them carried 5 pounders, a couple didn't carry
anything smaller than a 20 pounder. Even if the did swap it, what is the
point in buying an empty cylinder by mail when you can buy one filled
locally? Just a rehtorical question! :)

Robert Hudson

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