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Re: [APD] Re: complete CO2 system

Good point. Sort of might and sort of might not.

For some it might be that bad. But certainly not all. For
example. They charge about $12 bucks to hydrotest and stamp
the tank in this part of the world. The wait is longer than
a refill but so what -- it's only every Five Years? .

A few million people live within a half hour drive of me,
so there must be a few aquatic gardeners in that range that
can benefit from the same good services at this or
competing shops.
If the shops are so busy wre you live, try calling ahad and
finding out if there are better times to stop by for a
refill or hydro test. If the shop knows what they're doing
and does lots of hydrotest, it's neither complicated nor
very time consuming.

The tests are never free, really. Either the cost to the
shop is covered in the price of swapping CO2 tanks or they
charge for each test directly. 

Don't foreclose our options. Plan ahead, shop around.
Prices for equipment and even CO2 itself can vary by over
100% even in the same town. 

RE tank swapping, I like to know that the last clown that
used the tank didn't abuse it. Any clowning with my tanks,
I want to be the first and only. ;-)

Scott H.

--- roger <roger at spinn_net> wrote:
> Buying your own tank and having it refilled may be a fine
> option until the day
> comes when it has to be hydro tested.  At that point you
> might wish that you
> didn't own it.  When that time comes maybe the store
> would let you trade yours
> for one of theirs.  Otherwise I understand that you will
> have to pay for the
> test and wait 'till someone can get to it.
> You have more freedom to choose your vendor if you don't
> buy your own empty
> tank.  If you insist on keeping your own tank then you
> can only do business
> with stores that will refill it for you.  You won't be
> able to do business
> with the places that just swap tanks.  In my case that is
> the difference
> between a 10-minute one-way drive ending in a quick swap
> and a 20-minute
> one-way drive and waiting for a refill.
> All-in-all I don't know why anyone buys empty cylinders.
> Roger Miller
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