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[APD] Re: complete CO2 system

Buying your own tank and having it refilled may be a fine option until the day
comes when it has to be hydro tested.  At that point you might wish that you
didn't own it.  When that time comes maybe the store would let you trade yours
for one of theirs.  Otherwise I understand that you will have to pay for the
test and wait 'till someone can get to it.

You have more freedom to choose your vendor if you don't buy your own empty
tank.  If you insist on keeping your own tank then you can only do business
with stores that will refill it for you.  You won't be able to do business
with the places that just swap tanks.  In my case that is the difference
between a 10-minute one-way drive ending in a quick swap and a 20-minute
one-way drive and waiting for a refill.

All-in-all I don't know why anyone buys empty cylinders.

Roger Miller
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