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Re: [APD] re: complete CO2 system

Canister injection, cylinder reactor? 

Why David, I do belive you are becoming more eclectic in
your views! :-)

* * * * * 
The great thing about canister and cylinder reactor
(especially external) methods is that, if you don't clean
them right away, it doesn't matter much,; the CO2 injection
still works. they are very tolerant that way.

Good luck, good fun,

Scott H.

--- David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> Regarding cylinder refills:
> I swap all my tanks out locally and never bought a
> cylinder from the place.
> They don't care where the tanks come from. I got all my
> 20# tanks from a guy
> who sells to "keg in the basement" guys mostly.
> Cost of Refills:
> For me,  a swap out on a 5# tank is just under $10, and a
> swap out on a 20#
> tank is about $13, so you do the math of the advantage of
> larger tanks. Get
> the largest your area can acommodate. I have always said
> the hassle is not
> disconnecting the tank, it is the time involved with
> taking the tank to the
> place to be refilled/swapped out.
> Aqua-Medic Membrane reactor:
> I bought one of these to try, but returned it after
> reading the instructions
> that said if a single membrane gets torn (4 membranes in
> the one I had) you
> have to replace the entire reactor. No single membrane
> replacements. Cheaper
> to get a cylinder type reactor or just do cannister
> injection. Also, if the
> reactor is anywhere it gets tank light, it will grow
> algae on the membrane
> and require cleaning. That is one thing I love about
> cannister injection: no
> additional maintenance.

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