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[APD] Oedogonium from tap water?

For the past two weeks my tank has been affected
with hair algae which I beleive is Oedogonium. My
nutrient routine has remained constant along with
the water changes. I dry dose my 75 gallon tank
with 3.5g KNO3, 4g K2SO4, 15ml trace soulution
after a 50% water change every Sunday night. I
dose two more times during the week with the same
amount of KNO3 and traces, but I add 1/16th tsp
PO4 during this dosing. The CO2 is steady at 38
mg/l and problems have been few and far between.
Now with the algae my plants are not taking up as
many nutrients as they have in the past and my
nitrate and phosphates are testing _really_ high.
I was about ready to re-plant my tank and remove
as much algae as possible from both plants and
hardscape, but I just have not had the ambition.

This morning I went for a walk down at the
resivoir and noticed an odd and peculiar sight.
The lake's shores were literally infested with the
same algae, as was the little rivers which pour
into the lake. Could it be possible that the algae
made it's way through the sand/carbon filters and
through the chlorine treatment of the tap water?
Or is it more likely that the water is just as out
of balance in my tap water as it is in the lake,
which leads to the same results?

Either way it is time to re-plant and probably
give the lights a rest since adding more KNO3
keeps it steady while adding none allows it to get
out of control. Adding PO4 seems to feed it as
well, but nothing is cutting it back.


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