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[APD] re: complete CO2 system

Regarding cylinder refills:
I swap all my tanks out locally and never bought a cylinder from the place.
They don't care where the tanks come from. I got all my 20# tanks from a guy
who sells to "keg in the basement" guys mostly.

Cost of Refills:
For me,  a swap out on a 5# tank is just under $10, and a swap out on a 20#
tank is about $13, so you do the math of the advantage of larger tanks. Get
the largest your area can acommodate. I have always said the hassle is not
disconnecting the tank, it is the time involved with taking the tank to the
place to be refilled/swapped out.

Aqua-Medic Membrane reactor:
I bought one of these to try, but returned it after reading the instructions
that said if a single membrane gets torn (4 membranes in the one I had) you
have to replace the entire reactor. No single membrane replacements. Cheaper
to get a cylinder type reactor or just do cannister injection. Also, if the
reactor is anywhere it gets tank light, it will grow algae on the membrane
and require cleaning. That is one thing I love about cannister injection: no
additional maintenance.


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